What buyers have to say: 


Debbie was wonderful at being transparent, assessing a horse she had not had all that long, and giving me a very clear picture of what to expect when he arrived. There were no surprises. She also genuinely deterred me from a horse with quirks I may have been able to handle, but did not make sense at this junction in my life. My Romeo has the instinct and disposition of a family horse that you just can’t create and she had the expertise to know he was worth the time and finishing as a safe, solid, not to mention GORGEOUS, love bug for our family. I have appreciated the ongoing support and involvement and it’s so clear that she has tremendous care for the horses and clients that come through her barn. Thank you, Debbie! I often get asked where bit came from; but I think I’m lucky and ones like him are hard to come by. If you ever do, I’ve got the buyers! ❤️    April 2020

Do I believe in divine intervention! You better believe it! Thirty one years ago I had the pleasure of becoming the caretaker for an amazing palomino Appaloosa named Smoke Signal Dun. He was the love of my life, next to my children and my husband! We enjoyed 29 years together and in May 2018, he jumped the rainbow just 10 days shy of 36 years old. The last seven years of his life were spent in beautiful Hawaii, on the big Island. It took me a good year before I felt like I was ready to start looking for another horse. I initially started looking on our island, but that turned out to produce nothing. The horses they wanted to sell over here were three and four times over what their asking price should’ve been, and I found nothing that I felt would equate to a good partner for me. I then extended my search to the entire state of Hawaii. I had a few false starts, feeling ultimately that these horses were not right for me. Then I extended my search to California, since I’m a native born Southern Californian, and I knew I would be returning in September. I communicated with a number of people selling horses including Debbie Davis. She was advertising a beautiful dapple chocolate bay gelding named Palmer. I fell in love just by looking at the photos, but I knew that looks can be deceiving. I did want a beautiful animal, within my price range, but I also wanted a safe horse whose disposition would mesh well with mine. The relationship I had had with smoke seemed impossible to replicate. But in my heart I knew that I had room to love one more horse in my life. I also wanted a horse that I could ride English, transitioning from Western riding my entire life. I thought that at 63 it was a good idea not to hoist a heavy western saddle onto the back of a horse anymore. And,riding English looked like a lot of fun! I had a number of conversations with Debbie and she was very helpful and patient with me. It sounded like Palmer could be a perfect match. And she was willing to work with me in getting him transported to Hawaii. She gave me the name of the vet in the area, as well as helpful information on the purchasing of English tack. And as I did my research I was shocked to find out that Pacific Airlift, the company that flies horses and other animals all over the world, we’re located right in Clovis California! That was shocking to me. I had worked with Pacific Airlift when I flew Smoke from Big Bear to Hawaii. So I was very comfortable in using them again. I would never purchase a horse without doing the vet check, so I decided to go ahead and invest the money even though I would not be meeting Palmer for two more weeks. That vet, Dr. Stabbe, was awesome, asking all kinds of questions to be sure that when he visited Palmer he could tell me whether or not he was a good match for me. And that’s exactly what happened! Palmer got a clean bill of health and the vet confirmed that based on my needs and desires, Palmer would be a perfect match.  I then put a down payment on him to hold him until I got there. After visiting with friends and family, I took a quick flight from San Diego to Fresno, picked up my rental car, and drove to Clovis. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Debbie has such an amazing home and facility! I was totally impressed. I remember laying eyes on Palmer the first time, and I just stared at him! He was everything that the photos showed him to be. We saddles up and Rode him in her small round pen, only after signing the liability waiver and putting my helmet on! Then we went into the large arena, and the next day we went out on a trail ride. I knew in my heart that he was the right horse for me. I kept asking her questions about the tack. Because I had ridden Western all my life, I knew plenty about that type of tack, and how important it is . She ended up providing to me, at a fair price, a beautiful English saddle, headstall with two different bits, a running martingale, saddle pads, a lead rope and halter. I couldn’t ask for anything more! And, she agreed to box it all up and have it come along with Palmer. I’m so grateful to say that Palmer arrived safe and sound at the Kailua-Kona airport! He has now been with me for about a month! We are enjoying riding through our 6 acre orchards, and he is adjusting to his pasture pals which equate to two goats. Because there are no other horses on our property he is bonding very nicely to me, following me wherever I go, and whinnying when he hears my voice. My barefoot Ferrier has been out to begin grasping his feet into the perfect shape, and he seems to do just fine when we have to walk on a short area of gravel to get to one of the riding pastures. Debbie has been so kind to continue to email me asking questions and providing important details to make my transition go as smoothly as possible. She says I have a lifetime link to her, as does all clients who purchase a horse from her. That gives me a wonderful sense of comfort, especially since I haven’t had a new horse in so many years, and English is new to me. I’ve enjoyed sharing with her what is going on and keeping our conversation going. Would I recommend Debbie to anyone looking for a new horse? Absolutely! She made an emotional and challenging situation almost problem free! Her biggest concern was matching the right horse to me, not selling a horse. She had a Palomino that I had asked a number of times about. But she never really pushed that horse because she knew that it wouldn’t be right for me. And this was confirmed when I came out to the facility and saw him for myself. I knew from a football field away that he wasn’t right for me! I really appreciated that and her. I don’t usually write recommendations for people, but I felt that in this case it was absolutely necessary. Debbie, Palmer and I thank you for connecting us and for the care that you gave him before I showed up. You have been a blessing in our lives! And I hope you someday come to the big Island to share your knowledge and expertise with all of the equestrians here. Bye for now and happy trails. Jen October 27 2019

First ride by pond


https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t2d/1/16/1f434.png");">????https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t6c/1/16/2764.png");"Melody O'Brian:
Everything is going wonderful with Alladin! We adore him. He has had a couple lessons and they went splendidly. He has the best manners and truly seems to enjoy humans rather than tolerate us...lol. Such a gentle guy.  Feb '16

  Hi Debbie, this is Diane Thompson.   I was at your facility last year in November with 2 horsey friends (Solbritt Hill & Tina Venzon) and we purchased Benson from you that day.  I had no idea what I had found.   But Tina told me in no uncertain terms that I was an idiot if I didn't buy him.  And even Solbritt said that if I didn't buy him...she was going to.   I appreciate their ‘steering me' more than ever now.  He's a very neat horse in that once under saddle, he's in the zone and so ready to work.   Solbritt rode him for me last weekend in a show, a training level test and a first level test.   She placed first in both classes with him.here's a video of the training level test.   He's quite lovely and I can't tell you how much I love this silly guy.   I just wanted to let you know, he's here to stay and he seems to be happy and content.
Hope all is well with you all the horses you help re-home, especially my sweet Benson. Happy Trails! Diane  Oct '15

     Hi Debbie! Just wanted to let you know that Flint and I are doing fantastic and he has such a great personality which comes out more everyday. Both of us have bonded with each other and I swear he is enjoying himself a lot as he gets varied exercise in the ring, hunt field, and trail rides.( he likes to lead!) He is carrying himself more on the hind quarters, tucks his nose better and we have started jumping low jumps the last 2 weeks with flying changes of leads. He seems to be very happy working and wants to please whatever I ask him to do. I have to laugh as he approaches the 3 step mounting block. He walks at a normal pace approaching the step and as he gets close he will shorten to baby steps until he is perfect so I can dismount. What a boy! He does this by himself. Guess he knows how to take care of me. I absolutely LOVE him and tear up thinking how sweet he is. My trainer told me that I really lucked out acquiring him but I tell her that Debbie Davis deserves much credit as I just knew that I could trust her as a trainer. No fear of drugging or being dishonest. Everyone at the barn also loves his sweet attitude.
I hope the weather has cooled a bit for you and that things are blessed for you. I keep up on you and the horses you get in by your website. Take care and God Bless!  Gail Summers   ps---I'll send more pictures soon!   Oct 2015

Moxi has been doing so well and I am enjoying her.  She still has her moxi attitude, especially when I bring the grain rations out, but she gives a really good ride.  It was a rocky ride yesterday and Moxi was like a mountain goat going through the rocks.  Sep '15
    Our daughters' passion for over 10 years - riding and being around horses. Her wish for so many years now - owning her own horse. She is an astute horse rider today, takes and gives lessons. With grades in school being good and she's an awesome daughter, how could we not support that wish. Knowing all the good things that happen to us when we are around these wonderful creatures. Owning one, taking care, being dedicated and taking on responsibility, takes it to another level.
      How lucky we have been that my wife found in an extensive internet search Sportequine and the owner Debbie in Clovis, CA. There was not too much out there for our budget and being a German I knew we would love to have a cold-blood. We met with Debbie in Clovis for the first time in July; what a wonderful horse farm estate, how meticulous she and her friendly staff takes care of the horses and the property. Everything is professional and you can tell, Debbie is into professional horseback riding since decades, moreover she's the voice of the horses, to owners, to prospective owners and to many more. She takes them under her governance and leadership, trains them, heals them, feeds them and gives them soul nutrition, so they can live a happy and fulfilled life. It might have been higher calling; Debbie has introduced us to Romeo, a 6 year old gelding cold-blood, bread Zangersheide in Belgium, 17 hands 2" with a wonderful passport and ancestry - most importantly 'first love at sight'. For all of us. Debbie and our daughter build a strong bond while she explained to her the horse, the type of horse, its history, its pros and cons. Wonderful. We identified a weakness with the back left ankle and potential shoe placement, consulted a Doctor (2x) to take X-Rays (once we paid the general pre-purchase inspection fee, the 2nd time the owner has paid even the X-Rays and adding 2 new shoes with the correct wedges and the farrier). All together we spent 3 visits and it has been a wonderful process and experience. At no times we had the feeling we went to far in our assessment and Debbie as well as now the owner of the horse supported us and provided great insight and together we wanted to make it work, so Romeo would be ready for his new owner and love for a lifetime to come. Thank you. Happy End and New Beginnings. The Harder’s, Bay Area CA. 9’15

To whom it may concern:  
  We started searching for a pony club horse for Jessie at the beginning of the year.  We looked at several horses for sale.  We heard about Sport Equine Sale Barn from another barn when calling around on horses.  We looked at her website and liked (Mounted) Shadow Dancer’s video.  After discussing him on the phone with Debbie Davis, I told her if he was everything she said I would buy him and we took our trailer with us when we went down to look.  
  Everything Debbie told me about (Mounted) Shadow Dancer checked out and was true.  He tried his quitting thing a handful of times with Jessie and she got him through it, and he no longer tests her. They are truly a happy match, she rides him bareback all the time, mostly outside around our farm.  She takes him to pony club once a week where he is truly the barn favorite.  Last month she competed on him at the Amador County Fair and he was a saint.  He is spoiled daily with treats, attention and love and not overworked.   This is the exact horse we were looking for for Jessie.
  I hope you can assure his previous owner that he is healthy, happy and sound.  I wish she had gone about finding him in a less hostile manner, then I would feel more comfortable letting her visit.  If she is willing to publically apologize to Debbie Davis for trying to trash and ruin her business I would feel more inclined to allow her to visit.  Debbie did nothing wrong in not passing on my information.  

Sincerely,  K. Garfinkel, August 2015

Hello Debbie,I just wanted to drop you a quick update on Dottie and thank you once again for selling me such an extraordinary horse. What I know for sure is that this mare will live out her days with me. She has such heart and I trust her as much as I have ever trusted any horse.  In May we competed in our first LD Endurance ride in Stillwater, NV and came in 8th place. It was a 30 mile race and if we hadn't gotten lost and actually gone 32 miles, we would have been 3rd! The attached picture is from that ride. We then backed off from the endurance (plan to return in fall) to focus on our Search and Rescue requirements and in June we attended a 3 day clinic to prepare SAR horses for success in the field. It was extremely intense and Dottie was a star. A few days ago we passed the Nevada Country Sherriff's Search and Rescue Mounted Team qualification test. We are now officially a team. Thanks so much, Renee Boice  July 2015

Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy my daughter and I are with BEETHOVEN (now Tobi).  He is the sweetest horse!  He is very athletic and just starting to compete...doing great!  We couldn't be happier!  Thank you!
-Pam & Devon Hughes  July 2015

I would like to say Thank You to Debbie Davis and The Sports Equine Training Center for giving me a great opportunity and price on my new horse sunny.Everybody was especially polite and very professional to me and the people and their horses are in a happy setting it was a wonderful experience for me it's nice to know there are places and people in the Central Valley that treat you well

Thank You
Happy customer
Michael Hurt age 14    Jul '15

Hi Debbie,
A year ago we bought Nike from you for my daughter Rachel. They are both doing great as a team!  Rachel is so proud of Nike and how hard he works for her. He has the best ground manners for Rachel, the Vet and the Farrier. Perfect first horse!  Mar '15

Hi Debbie,

My daughter Francesca and I could not be happier (with Ruby). We went on our first trail ride today and were just over the moon with how well she behaved and how happy we are with her. I just thank you so much.  It was such a pleasure to meet you. You are so professional and so into horses and you are exactly what we needed. It’s was such a pleasant experience for us and a long time coming to this place of having the horse we needed.  I’m just so happy. Thank you again.
Laura Minella    Oct '14

Hi Debbie,

When I received your email I cried, I am so happy that you have
found the home/owner that Mitch is supposed to have.  
I admire you and all that you do, from your training and talent and
for the compassion you show all of the horses that you help.
I hope to be able to donate money when I can as I truly appreciate and
believe in what you are doing.

Thanks again,
Alisa   Aug, 2014

I bought Fresno’s Paco (now named Hunter) from Debbie in December of 2013. In the past six month we have become a team and I can truly say Hunter is the best horse I have ever owned. When Debbie suggested I should try him out I was a little hesitant because I was looking for a low level eventer and having owned a OTTB for the past 4 years I didn’t think a Quarter Horse would be a good fit. Boy was I wrong, Debbie’s years of experience proofed to be dead on in matching me up with my perfect eventing partner. Hunter took to eventing like he was born for it. He is brave and smart in the jumping phase and woos the judges in dressage. We have competed three times together and received two 2 second and one third place (with 7, 8, 9 scores in dressageJ). I couldn’t be happier and more proud to own this magnificent horse. Thank you Debbie.
  Stefanie Gladen
Hi Debbie,
  I came across your name and thought you might want an update on a colt you bred.  Wils was a pasture ornament for many years, now with the kids in college, and working part time, I am finally able to put some time into him.  At his 2nd rated show he won high point adult amateur both days and high point Oldenburg.  Just training level so far. The results are on ISR Oldenburg site. Attached is a photo. He is still such a sweet boy and a joy to be around and I adore him!
Best, Evelyn  Jun 14


Dear Debbie, Thank you so much for Miss Isabella she is truly the best joy that I know! She’s absolutely a wonderful mare. she's made quite the home at our ranch and is enjoying her new life! She's quite the character! My daughter rides her and I have recently bought a new English saddle again thanks to my new Bella girl! Thank you much for bringing this beauty into our lives!

Danielle Chung  Jun 2014

Hi Debbie!

Finn is doing great. We are doing small courses now and his dressage is coming along nicely! He's definitely fancy when he wants to be! Its amazing how far he's come in the short time I've had him!  He's also super talented. He Likes collection and really stretches! For how big he is, he's amazingly cordinated and clever with his feet. His favorite, so far seems to be XC, he likes to open up and stretch his legs. Also, he is the best horse i have ever had on the ground! He will stand just amazingly! I have never worked with an OTTB that was that good on the ground. I took him to pony club the other day and he rocked it! He stood for the half hour for horse managment and he let a little 3 year old groom him and be around him! The kid was even swinging on the hitching post he was tied to and he didn't even bat an eye! I am super excited to see how he progresses! He takes everything in stride. I just thought you might want to know that Finn is doing great and is on his way to being a very talented event horse.Thanks, Sadie Edwards    Sept 2013 

Thank goodness for people like Debbie! I've been riding most of my life been on dozens of horses and owning and training 10 from babies to Grand Prix dressage, so I consider myself a experienced horse woman. That is, until I met Artemus. Long, long story short after giving this horse every chance in the book spending thousands of dollars on vets, trainers and my medical bills, I was done trying to make this horse happy and safe. My friend Claire at my barn had referred me to Debbie before I eventually got bucked off and hurt, but I wasn't ready to give up on him. Well after my recovery I got back in the saddle he did it again. I did not fall off, but I was done, so I emailed Debbie.  Debbie had sold a Sir Sinclair mare to Claire and liked the blood lines so she was willing to take a chance on him even with all of his faults.  We spoke several times via email and phone and we decided to trade horses. I chose a cute little 5 year old Morgan gelding named Prince. Now, I have ridden dressage for the past 17 years up to the Grand Prix level and a Morgan was not my typical choice; I love big powerful moving horses. Prince was a high stepping, flashy pure black Morgan standing at only 15.3. He trotted around with those fancy gaits impressing even this warmblood girl.  The entire process was so easy and like I said: thank god for people like Debbie.  Prince was exactly what she said he was and I have grown to love this little Morgan.  He has been in dressage training with me, and I have taken him to a couple of shows. He was a star and our scores are rapidly going up. Everyone at the barn is enamored with him and being not your typical dressage horse he can do it all and do it well and flashy to boot!  Thank you so much, Debbie for your help, and making that difficult decision so easy. I have seen many of her other horses and they are nice quality and could sell for A LOT more, but just need the right fit for there forever home…. Meredith Mathers. Aug 2013

HI Debbie,

I just finished the clinic today.  David loved Byz and in fact offered to buy him.  I told him I bought him from you for life and that he is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn dressage.  He thinks he is a marvelous mover so I am excited about me and Byz learning together.  He is such a fun horse and he is special to me already.  I will send some pictures and Byz does make me look like a great rider.  Anyway I am pleased to have a coach who also likes my horse.  You can see on u tube, David riding West Mountain Winston, a Morgan. It was his grand prix free style. I admire you for being able to give up horses you like.  That would be hard for me even though I know that is your job.  I guess you have it figured out because you are always getting new ones.

My best, Patty Fox    Aug 2013

I purchased Siobhan from SportEquine in December 2012. Debbie's representations about the horse were truthful and accurate. Her assessment of Siobhan and her suitability for me as a dressage project was spot on.  I was very lucky to get Siobhan and I have enjoyed every day working with her. 
Kelly Hester July 2013

Hi Debbie
I was hoping you will remember my daughter and I. We bought magnum who is now named Onyx. We attended our first show this past weekend and the two of them did quite well. He got a first, second, third and two fourths. Placed in every event. They are enjoying each other so much. Thank you again for caring for him and selling him to us!! We love him so!! Have a great summer.
Michelle Cami and Onyx  June 2013


Hi Debbie,
I wanted to let you know that Byz and I are getting along great. He is a wonderful horse and I am so grateful that you connected us.
I am riding with a dressage trainer who just moved to Elko. Thank you and my best to you and Sport Equine Training Center.
Patty Fox  April 2013

Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to thank you again for Siobhan. I am happy with her every day. We are training with Jennette Scanlon and things are going along just great.
-Kelly Hester  Mar 2013

Hi Debbie,
    I just wanted to follow up and let you know how much we've been enjoying Saki! She has been such a wonderful addition to our program. She has settled right in and seems to really like her job. She got a big stocking full of cookies this weekend and all of our girls adore her! Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. I hope you have a happy holiday and an excellent new year!

Casey McDonald   Poppy Hill Farm   Dec 2012

In the short time that we have owned Snow, he has become a show horse. He has learned to do the hunter arenas and give his flying changes showing up to 2'9. My 15 year old niece was the first to show Snow. At our year end championship horse show for fun I took Snow in a jumper event at 2'6 called take your own line. He was 5th out of 37 horses! He had never been asked to do tight turns and jump but he knew that is what I wanted and he did it beautifully. Snow is now a beloved teamate.
Dara   Nov '12


Hi Debbie,
This is Amanda Blaszkowski I purchased Thomas from you in February. I renamed him Weston to go along with his registered and show name King West,  I took him to his first show at the last Ram Tap in November doing beginner novice. We took 5th place! He was fantastic! looking forward to next years show season going novice and hopefully training by the end of the year! My trainers LOVE him! I wanted to share some pictures of our show!
Thank you again,        Nov 12
Amanda Blaszkowski

Thomas1b Thomas2b Thomas3b

Sport Equine is very well kept, and professional facility. All the horses were well cared for and Debbie knows her stuff! Each horse is accurately represented to its level and ability, and Debbie takes the time to find the right horse for the riders needs. She runs an amazing program with some very beautiful and talented horses. Very happy with Nitro and how well he has progressed! Very glad to have met Debbie and worked with Sport Equine. Thank you Debbie!

Thank you so much. We are very pleased with Pluto and I think he is a wonderful horse for Lily.
They are doing fantastic together!   We couldn't have done it without you giving us the extra time.
Thank you again I appreciate how patient you have been. Thanks for everything.
Megan Neale (picture below) Oct '12


I wanted to let you know that this past weekend Rise was reserve champion in baby green hunters. I have shown him the last 3 weekends in a row and he's been absolutely perfect! I even did a Hunter Derby with scary jumps and he did them all! We love all (3) of the horses we've gotten from you!
Dara  Oct '12

We are thoroughly enjoying Onyx.  He has settled in just fine. Thank you for what seems to be a match made in heaven!
Marnie Howe    Oct 2012

I find what you are doing to be such a wonderful thing. What you are doing for these horses is amazing and you are truly angels to these animals.  I am shocked to see the most reasonable prices!  You ride these horses and train them yet charge so little.  I will definately refer anybody I know to at least look at what you can get for so little money!
Thank you for your dedication to helping these amazing creatures.
Katie  Sept. 2012

Hi Debbie
We just wanted you to know that Magnum (we've given him a new name Onyx) is doing GREAT. He is such a kind boy, my daughter and him are getting along fabulously. Thank you for letting us choose him for our family!
Michelle and Cami Gray     Sept. 2012

Hi Debbie,
First of all I wanted to email you and tell you how much we are enjoying Piper. She has adapted to her new surrounds quickly and Maddie is having a great time riding her. She is such a great horse and we couldn’t be happier.  Thank you for all your time you spend with us Sunday. I have already recommended you to friends and I know when we are ready for another horse we shall return to you!!
Thanks for your time,    Tracey Hill  July 2012

Hi Debbie,
Just wanted to touch bases and let you know how much I love my guy. (Prosecco) He is incredible.  I have him at a great gentle barn. I try to ride him 5-6 days a week. My trainer gets on him a few times a month and she has her working student ride him 2-3 times per week.  I took him to Richard Winters clinic in April. He was awesome. He likes to go out on the trail. I have been riding him dressage and we both love it.
Shannon Verissimo

Melody and I want to thank you for O’Malley and the experience we had in purchasing him from you.  Your love for horses shows and we are so grateful to have crossed paths with you. We now have a beautiful, well behaved, well trained, and loving companion. We could not have asked for a better horse to meet our needs nor could we have asked for a better experience.  We appreciate you taking your time to instruct us and give us all the vital information we needed in order to make sure O’malley’s transition was not only pleasant for him but for us as well.  He is doing great and we look forward to many more years with him. We are very excited about our next match from you and look forward to another very pleasing experience.
The Edmonson’s
(Ganessa & Melody)    Jun 2012

Sport Equine has sold some very nice horses at very reasonable prices. I felt that the horses I viewed were honestly represented and I never felt pressured to buy. It seemed important to Debbie to find the right home for her horses and match them with the appropriate rider skill level. I am very happy with my purchase! Norma Wilhelm  May '12

After being thrown again I was starting to think my career with horses was over. There was a time when riding was all I ever thought about. Now I was at a point where even thinking about riding put me in a nervous state of mind.  A friend had told me about a place called Sportequine. The friend explained the owner has a passion for fitting the right horse with the right owner. Since I hadn’t had much luck selling my horse I decided to make the call. After speaking with Debby Davis she agreed maybe my mare wasn’t the right horse for me. I really just wanted a level headed trail horse. Debbie introduced me to a Gelding named Vino.  Vino is the horse I’ve always wanted. He goes everywhere and does everything I ask of him. Vino seems to truly enjoy his life on the trails. My passion for riding is back as is my confidence. I’m so grateful for my second chance with horses.  I highly recommend Debbie Davis and Sportequine for anyone who needs help with anything related to horses or riding.
Richard Hall.

Hi Debbie,
I took Celine to her first (rated dressage) show and she won three classes, was reserve high point one day and scored a 73.2% today....needless to say, I'm ECSTATIC!!!  She really came around and was able to stay with me, which minimized spooking. She really listened and TRIED every step of the way...even though I know she was scared.  Probably five people came up to me to comment on what a nice horse she is, including a Danish WB breeder (had to know her lines), and a very well respected trainer said to a friend of mine "That is one of the top young horses in the Nation."  She qualified for USDF year end championships for training level open with three scores over 68%...actually she had no score below 65%!  I can't thank you enough...she is a REALLY SPECIAL horse!  So thank you again, and please send me any info on anything you think I might like, as I always rave about the horse's I get from you!
Claire Doretic June 2012

Hi Debbie,
I have not stopped smiling since Paco came into my life.  He is that perfect partner for me and I am committed to do everything in my power to be the same for him... he is so grounded in his training that he just patiently stood at the tie rail like he had been there his whole life.  I went through the feet picking, light grooming routine and he was quiet and pleasant.  I saddled and bridled him with no issues and we went back into the arena for a short lunge session in which his behavior was workmanlike,  obedient and quiet.  He stood quietly and calmly at the mounting block while I got on him, never tried to walk off and we went to work.   He was delightful, eager to listen, calm and happy.  A friend who keeps his horse at my ranch came out unexpectedly to take a short trail ride.  What great timing, Paco had been so good I wanted to take him out on the trail, however I didn't want to ask for too much the first day. The trail ride was wonderful, Paco was calm and attentive to me and to his new surroundings.  He went in front and in back, didn't bother with anything and seemed to enjoy himself tremendously.  I believe there is nothing this horse will not try or do!  He is a gift from above as are you.  I cannot begin to express my appreciation for all of the wonderful things you have brought into my life.  The peace that I have knowing Felicitas is safe and happy and the joy that I have in Paco are priceless treasures.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  If his former owner asks, you can tell her that he is loved, cherished and has a FOREVER home with me.  I will keep you informed and when the weather clears I will take photos of my new boy in his new home.  
Grateful beyond words,
Nancy Fretheim April '12

Hi Debbie!
I just wanted you to know that Reasonable (we are calling her "Easy") arrived last Fri safe and sound. She is settling in nicely and Kate was able to ride her today. She was very well behaved, and we are all excited at the potential that shines in her. Thank you for the opportunity to own this wonderful mare, and for representing her so well.  She is everything we had hoped for!  Thanks again!
Gretchen  Dec 2011

Good morning, Debbie,
We wanted to get in touch with you and tell you how LaNoche is doing.  He is such a sweetheart and we love him so much.  He is well-mannered, well-trained, and very calm.  He doesn't spook at anything, just gives a little snort.  He is very affectionate.  He follows me around when I am cleaning and stands very close to me.  We are so happy you found him and allowed us to buy him.
-Diane Hedstrom Nov '11

Hey Debbie,
Just wanted to give you an update on how things are going with Geo. I am absolutely in love with this horse! Every time I go visit him my first thought is "I can't believe he's actually mine!" We went to a schooling show a few weeks ago and did the 2'6''-2'9'' division. It was super fun, and he learned a lot, and I learned a lot about him! He is such a good boy, I always have a blast riding him! We take him off property a lot for Pony Club clinics and lessons with other trainers and such. The jumping picture attached is from a Pony Club clinic a few weeks ago. He was so good! Can't wait to take him on the trails and cross country!  I am SO looking forward to the show season! I finally have my dream horse who is not only gorgeous but he's super athletic and can totally take me up the levels! We might even try to qualify for 2012 USPC National Championships and compete in Washington! Thank you so much for working with us to make this possible. I love him to pieces!
-Anastasia  Nov '11
Hi Debbie, 
I really would like to thank you for everything you did with making it possible for me to get Vic I really appreciate it! He's doing great, getting into our routine here and he is so fascinated by everything, my dad calls him Curious George! He's such a pleasure to ride and each day were getting to know each other better and better! Again I cannot thank you enough, it all seems like it was meant to happen!
Thanks so much, Camisa Composti NOV '11
Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to give you another update on Sydney, the NZ Thoroughbred that I bought from you in the summer.  First of all, I am absolutely in love with this boy.  He is such a hard worker and a real sweetheart to work with.  We've been enjoying regular dressage lessons all summer and are moving along well.  I took Sydney to a local Ride-a-Test event over the weekend and he did a fabulous job.  If you'd like to see photos and video of our ride, you can check out my blog at this link http://www.bakersfielddressage.com/1/post/2011/10/ride-a-test1.html.  Here is a photo of our ride. Many Thanks,  Karen Sweaney, Oct 2011

Dear Debbie,
I want to thank you so much for making the purchase of Galeno such a positive experience.  Finding the right horse can be a complicated and complex process and my situation was probably not typical, which is why I feel fortunate to have worked with you.  I truly appreciate your efforts to ensure that Galeno and I were a good match. It was very clear that making sure we were a good fit was your first priority.  And, even though I had my trainers there, your expertise and open and honest communication helped to ensure that my decision to buy him was the right decision.  From the first trial ride through the vet check, you were amazing to work with.  I can't tell you how happy I am to have Galeno as my partner. I can honestly say there has not been one surprise since bringing him home. It's clear by his wonderful attitude and his ability to gain trust in me fairly quickly that he has been given every opportunity to be successful and that he has been treated fairly and with the utmost respect. He is truly a gem.    
Best regards, Mar 2011
Sharl Talan

Hi Debbie, I just wanted to connect back with you and thank you for making the process of buying Tanqueray so easy and enjoyable. I am so happy with Tanq and he has settled in nicely at his new home in Woodside. He's really a magnificent horse and gets ooo's and ahhh's everywhere we go, not to mention tons of compliments about what a sweetheart he is from the other boarders. We took our first trip to the horsepark this morning! He was a superstar about loading right into the trailer. And he was perfection on the cross country course! He loves the water and didn't even hesitate about going down banks or over ditches (my last horse's phobias) and is so honest and willing. He will make an incredible eventer! :) My mom comes to the barn during the day while I am at work to turn him out and she is quickly falling in love with Tanq. She is interested in getting back into riding and were both so impressed with you, your honesty, your facility and your horses. We will certainly call you first when she is ready to buy a horse and see what you have :) Thank you again, Debbie. I absolutely love him and you can rest assured he will be completely spoiled for his entire life.  Sarah Platshon Jul/2011

Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to give you a bit of a follow-up regarding Sydney.  He is doing very well and I am delighted to have him in my barn.  He gets along with everyone and seems happy to be doted on.  We have had four lessons over the last two weeks, and are doing well.  My Coach thinks he's great, and a new trainer that I am using thinks I'll be able to move up quickly with him.  He has behaved himself like a real gentleman each time I've trailered out for a lesson. Thank you so much for showing Sydney to me.  I'll be sure to keep you posted and let you know how we do at our first show, hopefully in August.  June 2011
Karen Sweaney

Thanks Debbie!  You did a wonderful job matching me with what I wanted in a horse. He is much fancier than anything I could have afforded.  You have a wonderful ability to quickly judge my riding skills and pair them with one of your donated horses that will complement my approach.  I'm lucky to have found you, so many people would have sold Dolche for as much as they could, but you were more interested in the right home. Thank you he was a wonderful gift and I like him very much!   Happy horse and owner, Kimberly and Dolche, Fresno, Ca 6/25/11

Hi Debbie, "She's (Lunar Eclipse) doing great!! Shes happy and loves her new home. She is living in a pasture with 4 other horses and is loving it! There is a possibility for me to go to Virginia for a month in the summer to ride with Laine Ashker!! and if i go i will be taking luna!! If she is ready, hopefully i will be taking her BN at Woodside in May. She is the horse of my dreams!!" Hope Chavez 1/12/11

Benraz was trained at Sport Equine over the summer after a couple idle years in pasture.  He had a fun, adventurous, eager to learn personality and responded rapidly to his re-training as most horses do here.  He was sold to Thomas Jenkins, who planned on using him for endurance riding. Here's what Tom had to say after his first competition with Benraz,  "I took Raz to the Death Valley Warm up endurance ride this past weekend for not only his first camping trip at the trailer but his first endurance ride. Benraz went through the ride with flying colors completing his first 100 miles. We are absolutely excited about how Benraz went down the trail and how well he camped with other horses. Thank you so much for a great match." Congratulations Thomas and Benraz! 8/2010

"Dear Debbie Davis and Sport Equine,

On behalf of the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation I'd like to thank you for your profound efforts in granting Tara's wish to have a Horse. Your generous contribution of time, energy, heart and unique training experience allowed our wish dollars to go further in granting a wonderful experience to a special child. You truly went above and beyone to make this wish magical for Tara. Because of you, Tara's wish came true - far beyond her wildest dreams! You have provided Tara with memories that will last her a lifetime. Most importantly, we'd like to extend our extreme gratitude to everyone in your staff and the vetrinarians you recommended who demonstrated so much kindness and compassion towards our Wish Family. You truly have made a difference in the lives of Tara and her family!" Linda De La Torre, Program Director April 7, 2010

"We want you to know how much your generousity with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Tara have meant to Tara.  Suffice it to say, Walkabout has changed Tara's whole outlook, she loves him and working with him so much!  It is a real pleasure to see happiness in her eyes and strength in her body again.  This could not have happened without you. Walkabout is such a good match for Tara, they are growing as a pair every time she rides.  I think your insight into what he has to offer and how that was a good match for both him and Tara, has really set them in the right direction.  You would be so happy to see how well they work together these days.  She looks so strong and solid on him, and is working hard preparing him for USPC Western Championships First Level Dressage, we're hoping you might be around for that event.  Everyone comments how beautiful he is, what great motion he has, and how good she looks on him.  Not only that, he so gentle and so obviously loves her (and she loves him), they are a great pair. I want you to know that from the first time we spoke, I could tell that you really care about your horses, what they have to offer, and what we were looking for.  Once you found out about Tara's battle with cancer and chemotherapy, and that we were looking for someone willing to work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, your heartfelt caring made everyone involved feel good.  All the effort you put out making this happen is truly appreciated.  Not only did you juggle veterinarians, but your loan of equipment to get started with a larger horse than our last one really saved the day." Christopher Davis 5'10

 "Hi Debbie, I don‚t know how I can ever thank you enough for Walkabout. He is more than I had ever hoped for, he is so funny and loveable, and unbelievably calm.  We are quickly becoming a great team and he exceeds my expectations every time we ride. He is so trusting of me, and so willing to learn. He is truly a dream to work with.  We are going to be competing at First Level this summer, and I can‚t wait! He is so athletic, everybody comments on what an exceptional mover he is. We are such a perfect match; you really have made my wish come true. You have done so much to help me, without all your generosity none of this would be possible. I am so grateful! I recommend you to everyone I know, you really are a wonderful person, and a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for everything you have done!" Tara Davis 5'10


"Hi Debbie, I just wanted to let you know that Victor is doing really well. I am very thankful for the opportunity to own such a quality horse and can't wait to see where we go together! I know he will be the talk of the driving and dressage club here :) You were very accommodating and I was so appreciative that you worked with me in payments for Vic! I can't wait to start dressage lessons/showing on him and eventually maybe a low level event! Thanks again, Amanda Carroll" 9'10

 "Hi Debbie, I'm so happy with (Frenchie), the more I get to know him the better I like him and his personality.  I love riding him! His gaits are so consistent and smooth and he listens well to every que. I could not have asked for a better horse Debbie and he still has his whole life ahead of him! Thank you so much for training such great horses, I literally looked at 30 horses before I found Frenchie and he is definitely worth the search. I plan on owning him the rest of his life, just like the older horse I have now which I've owned since he was 10. When the time comes that I need another, I will definitely come to you and I recommend you to anyone else looking for the "perfect" horse." Lindsay Bogey April '10

"Debbie, I love Links a lot because he just tries his heart out! Ive only had him for a couple of weeks and he just tries to do what i want and he just is a big puppy dog.  We took him for his first cross country schooling last weekend and he exceeded our expectations." Lauren Sutkus June '10

"Dear Debbie, Tango is such a kind horse. i clipped him and he just stood there. i rode him and he was so easy. I have only had him a day in a half and he is awsome. i love this horse and thank you very much for helping me out. He is awsome and will have a forever home with me. Love ya and thank you again, Dawn Clancy" March '10

"Hi Debbie, Just wanted to thank you so very much for all your help in  selling my two boys. …It has been a pleasure to deal with someone who is such a professional…
 Finding good homes for my two horses meant a lot to me and my family. Now they can continue their carriers for they are so young and have a life of accomplishments.
  Thank you so much…..Joanne Riggs" March '10

"Debbie  THANK YOU so much for putting up with me and all my questions etc.  I have learned alot in the last month about trying to buy a horse sight unseen.  Thanks again for everything."         ~Holly Momberger, March '10

  "Hi Debbie, I came down to your place in October, 2009 with my sister and I bought two horses from you; Pure Justice, and Webster.  I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I am extremely happy with my purchases, so thank you!  I absolutely LOVE Pure Justice, who I now call P.J.  He's fabulous and I really am excited about showing him this spring.  He's doing great and I'm planning on taking him Beg. Novice in May at a horse trial." Kelsey Kristosik, Inavale Farm Feb '10

 "Debbie, Thanks again so much for everything!!  Natalie is so happy to have found Little Bit…..she can’t stop smiling!!  We will be sure to come to you when Natalie  is ready for her next horse!  I appreciate everything you did for us .. especially your time J  Thanks, you were wonderful!!!  I have attached some pics of Natalie’s first ride today at our house …they both did great!  It is good to see her confident J " ~Stacy Anselmo, Feb. '10

 "Hi Debbie! Reba is doing GREAT! I'm so thankful for her =) I've already taken her to 2 sorting jackpot's and she did very well and today i took her a ranch versatality show and she was a pro =) she worked cows and ran them down the fence and i also roped off her(well we roped a dummy, haha) but she didnt mind the rope and she was awesome doing the reining pattern. Im so happy i have her =] Thank you once again!" -Alyssa Reich Nov '09

  "Debbie- Thank you so much for working with me & allowing me to own the horse of my dreams. I really appreciate it & will do my best to make you proud at next years Queen Competitions" Brittany Hart, October'09

  "Dear Debbie I just want you to know that I adore Vanessa.   She is a fast learner and I truly enjoy riding her.We are doing all the training level patterns plus some other excercises.  I really love her." ~Jane Kiley 8'09


 We are super, super happy with him.  Mark had a lesson today.  It was pretty windy, and there were four other riders, all with thoroughbreds or arabians.  Stoney was a champ -- forward, but not spooky and very, very, very generous with Mark.  He's settling in nicely.  Mark's instructor rode him on Friday, the day after his arrival.  She actually wrote up a note, which began by "what a lovely boy :)...he was quite a gentleman...nice gaits, easy transitions, no spooks, nada."  ~Tracy Murray

  "Consider D' Lizza sold! She is the horse I was looking for. She is personable, beautiful, sensative, willing and very talented. She is a joy to ride. Thank you for her.  Wendy"

 "Debbie is a wonderful horsewoman who also happens to listen to her clients!  I was very impressed with her facilities.  From the first e-mail to my visit, Debbie was professional and supportive every step of the way.  She took an entire day to devote to me and had several horses ready for me to ride!  When I am ready to step up to a higher level horse she will be my first stop!  I highly reccommend her!" Sandra Magallanes      

 " just wanted to say thank you again for your generosity in regard to Super Image. He is really a neat horse, my daughter thinks he is soooo cool!! You were absolutely right about him, he really wants to please and he loves attention. He did really well when I rode him for the first time at home, he tries so hard and he is a fast learner. We decided to name him "CHANCE" because he has been give a chance at a new life with our family. Thank you again, it is so nice to meet "honest" people …” Steve

"I have purchased a  registered American Warmblood, 3 3/4 yrs old and absolutely amazing. His name is Brave hearts Red Barron.  He moves with this huge floating on air trot, canter, big walk.  I got him from a lady in Clovis, Debbie Davis, whom I highly recommend. I explained to her what I  wanted and my experience level she had exactly what  I was looking for. She is very well known and does very well on her horses. A lot of people know of her and buy horses from her. In fact when I was there Suzanna Holder  from shiloh west was there looking at a horse, her client ended up buying. (Debbie) is an eventer but  knows all disipines and riders needs. Doesn't matter what level you ride she will find the perfect match for both the horse and rider.  I strongly recommend her. ...if she doesn't have what your looking for call her because she has horses not listed, horses coming in all the time,  she'll know someone , or she will find it."  ~Brook Morrison

Don’t think I’ve forgotten to update you on Maggie.  She and I are bonding well. She is a great girl, smart and has a wonderful personality, very willing and she works hard. I just love her so much and our communication in riding is starting to happen in a more consistent manner. She is known as the princess around the barn, because she’s so pretty. Thanks again for a wonderful companion and partner.~Kathy Misak Nov '09

 "Paco is fantastic and so well trained. The process of purchasing was extremely easy, and very pleasant! Debbie was always honest, and whatever she told me was followed through and correct! Paco is everything she said he was, and has been brought up so nicely, I know he will develop into a great event horse! We are a great match..." Shira Ribibo 11'09







"Pecan has been a true blessing. she is a patient teacher, a reliable partner with a mind of an angel. Sonja Beffort"