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Fresno County HorsePark


US Eventing Association

Information and resources for equestrian eventing at the national level.


Starlight Grove Events


Equine Veterinarians

Dr. Stabbe DVM (559) 299-1661

Horse Transportation

KC Horse Transport, Nationwide Transport – (877)593-2008

Bob Hubbard Horse Transportation, Long Distance Transport – (800)472-7786

Brook Ledge Horse Transport, Nationwide Transport
(800)523-8143 .

Equine Express, Nationwide Transport
(800) 545-9098 .

Apollo Equine Transport (National & International Air Transport)
Karl (310) 823-8360 or (310) 703-2218

American Horse Transport (800) 991-9770 National

D&D Horse Transport  (209)568-6624 Mostly West Coast/CA