Advantages of Donating:
 New Hope Equine 501c3 has received hundreds of donated horses and ponies of all types for nearly two decades. Below are some of the most common reasons people choose to donate along with the most frequently asked questions and answers.
People donate horses, tack, equipment, materials and money for a tax deductible write off to  New Hope Equine non profit 501C3 Corporation throughout the year for the following main reasons:

Every donation whether monetary, equine or other is tax deductible at fair market value giving the donor both tax relief/increased refund while instant ceasation of the ongoing financial burden of equine maintanence. Horses and ponies are the most frequent kinds of donations we receive. Their owners come to us seeking our expertise in finding their animal it's next ideal home and human family or partner. They know that we will provide the training needed to reach it's full potential and bridge the gap to it's ideal career and owner. Marketing your own horse can be a daunting, cost prohibitive and emotionally difficult undertaking for many amatuer owners and the risks of marketing a green/challenging horse to the public can be unadviseable for many. Selling horses can be extremely difficult, especially in recent years when average prices have plummeted simultaneously with increases in expenses. For some the process of selling a beloved horse they've owned for years is just too painful and they realize their limits in marketing skills and exposure which can affect the quality of the outcome. If the horse is not a good match for you it may be a difficult sale because you cannot show it at its best. Professional training and marketing services are very costly if the horse doesn't sell quickly and for many it's better to cut losses rather than continuous investing in the wrong horse. Some people just want to support this operation that does so much for horses and their owners every year.
 Sport Equine frequently takes sound horses with performance potential from hardship situations, unused and even other rescue organizations' horses if we spot potential or any 'diamond in the rough.' Though we are not a retirement facility where horses can live out their days, we actively seek out the unlikely "fallen through the cracks" horses with talent or potential just waiting to be developed. The horse industry has an over abundance of horses with a deficit of qualified trainers to develop them to their full potential. We believe the solution is to reduce breeding/production while focusing efforts on training the ones we have to make them useful, wanted and protect them from falling into neglect or the wrong hands. Our mission is to help every horse get the opportunity it deserves to have a productive life. Some of the best horses come from the most unlikely places and we keep an open mind when evaluating horses allowing them to show us what they enjoy and are good at directing their careers accordingly. Though we try to take only animals that can withstand training, we realize there are varying levels of usefulness and jobs for all ages and types of horses.
Volunteers & Working Students
 We believe in using our resources to help horses and individuals in need and for this reason can always use volunteers. We provide work experience and on the job training in all aspects of ranching, horsemanship, care and training in exchange for volunteer help. Sometimes volunteer and working student positions can lead to paid positions once a level of proficiency is reached. Volunteers and Working Students are an integral part of this operation and we are always seeking individuals for these positions regardless of age and experience level. We are happy to barter for horse board, training, lessons and even some short and long term room and board.