Buyer Etiquette and Responsibility

  Buyers have an obligation to represent honestly their skill level and intentions. Buyers who don’t take the time and trouble to learn good horsemanship ruin good horses quickly.  Remember no horse is ever “finished.” They are sensitive creatures that continue to learn new behaviors throughout their lives and a horse can only be as good as it is maintained through optimal care and training.  A novice horse person or beginner can “undo” professional training and create resistant behavior in just a few days and rides. At Sport Equine, we don't want to sell you an unsuitable horse. Help us help you with accurate representation of your riding limits, experience, and goals. If a horse’s price is more than you want to spend, ask whether it’s negotiable before you make an appointment. If the answer is no, there's no point wasting each other's time. The turnover rate for sales horses at Sport Equine is very rapid due to the pricing structure and dramatic results of good training. Please wait to inquire until you are ready to acquire a horse rather than just beginning to look around. Otherwise inquisition is pointless and the horses will likely be sold before you have a chance to consider them. If you need to sell your existing horse before acquiring a new one, please address that issue first. If you are serious about one of our horses consider putting a deposit to hold and buy yourself first right of refusal to avoid the heartache of finding out you missed out on the horse you've been searching for. A small deposit to hold may be advisable even before your first visit if your schedule prevents immediate travel to see a horse you are very interested in. Deposits buy you time and right of refusal. They apply toward the purchase but they cannot be refunded for any reason so it's important to ask questions and understand what you are doing. The right and responsibility to have a horse fully examined by an equine veterinarian is that of the buyer and not something we provide. Don't expect us to know the health and soundness life history of our sales and consignment horses. We will disclose what we have discovered and observed in our horses but cannot predict what is invisible to the naked eye or predict how a horse will respond and hold up in different situations. Every horse is different and we don't have a crystal ball. We recommend buyers exercise the right to seek full discovery through pre-purchase veterinary and trainer examinations but this is at the discrecion of each individual who must put things into persprective for their specific needs and budget.  Another important realization is that while we keep our prices as low as possible, they increase monthly in direct proportion to the costs of comprehensive care and training that the horses receive. Most horses that come to Sport Equine und up receiving an extreme makeover through intensive training and impeccable care. You will see an astonishing transformation in them take place week by week as a result. Sometimes a buyer will opt to leave a horse in training a few more weeks to further the progress and/or take lessons to learn to best utilize the training and improve their odds of success with the horse. Expect that the horse you come to see will perform better for the trainer than you and realize that the wonderful feel of a well trained horse is a very delicate thing that will not remain without qualified riding. Subtle differences in riding technique produce very different responses from horses. The acquisition of any horse, regardless of how well trained, is just the beginning of a process that should challenge you to continuously work toward improving all aspects of your horsemanship skill. Happy Riding!

     Please note there are always horses available at Sport Equine that have not been advertised or posted anywhere that may be available for viewing by rider qualification and approval. (Check out out competition horse page) If you would like to schedule a viewing of any of our horses please print, read, fill out and sign our waiver of liability contract before you come and return via email or bring with you to your appointment. Be sure and fill out your experience and proficiency levels at the end so we can best assist you during your visit. Please bring your own well fitted helmet which you will be required to wear while mounted at all times. If you do not have one we will provide one for your use.





The following horses are currently for sale: Page Update 01/16/2020


11 year old registered 17 hand bay mare. Extensive training and show experience on the flat and over fences. Super easy to work with and be around. Extremely quiet, calm, well behaved and amateur suitable. Loves trail riding and will hack out like a solid citizen! No vices. No estrus behavioral changes. Owner switched disciplines. She’s current on everything and in full work ready for anything. Incredible New Year opportunity at $2900 to a wonderful approved home only. Don’t waste time calling on Tula as she won’t be available for long. 559 307-0789
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 Genius is his trainers favorite and definitely NOT your average thoroughbred! 15yrs old Prelim packer for possible lease or re-home to the most wonderful and worthy of situations ONLY. Top ribbons at T, T3D and Preliminary eventing. Three years full professional combined training has skyrocketed his stellar eventing career from scratch to jumping 3'9"+ comfortably while schooling 3rd level dressage. He embodies confidence and desire to perform at a remarkably high level. Goes horse camping and trail riding everywhere, often ponying the babies and greenies. Trained as a police horse before starting his event career three years ago. Clean recent X-Rays. Tough as nails horse, who has never needed a joint injection or therapy of any kind, even after his remarkable career of 59 races. World renowned eventing lineage including Mr Prospector and My Babbu. A true "war horse" of the noblest kind that Debbie is known to ride double on with her grand baby. He wants and deserves a real partner who can match his ambition to excel! Ideal young riders horse with the scope and athleticism for 2*-3* or could easily transition to jumpers. $19,500 or lease at $1k/month 6 month minimum or $1,250 month to month. Lease restrictions and insurance requirements apply.

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Gina Miles Stadium

Camelot Stadium

Woodside Stadium

Twin Rivers XC

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Polaris A

Available Now at in Clovis CA! 16.l hand 12 y/o Lovely bay Hanoverian gelding Polaris A son of legendary Pablo. Highly accomplished three-ring H/J young rider's show horse with emphasis in jumpers and equitation.Top placings in .90s Jumpers, Champion Paso B' .90s, multiple Eq Medals finals. He has an extensive and impressive show record all over the state. Proven safe for young riders with experience as an IEA horse with scope for more advanced riders. 3 very good gaits with an mazing floating trot that dazzles in the dressage ring. Good lateral work and easy flying changes. Competed successfully to 3'3" and schooled 3'6". Always sound with clean X-rays. No vices or required maintenance. An ideal confidence builder and super fun uncomplicated horse to ride both on the flat and o/f for any age rider lucky enough to make him their partner. 15K

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