Sport Equine

Training Center



Feb 9th Fresno Valentine Dressage Show

Feb 15-17th Fresno H.T.- Close Jan 29th


March 15-17 Golden State Dressage - Close March 7th

March 24-25 Fresno Dressage

March 30-31  Greenville Equestrian Centre- Livermore


April 13 Central Valley H/J

April 11-14 Twin Rivers H.T.-  Close March 26th

April 26-28 Fresno H.T. (long format N/T)- Close April 9th


May 5 Dressage in the Almonds - Lodi

May 11-12 Spring Fling Schooling Show H/J- Paso Robles- closes March 22nd

May 17-18 Starr Vaughn Dressage

May 25 Central Valley H/J

May 24-26 Woodside H.T. - Close May 7th


June 2 Dressage in the Almonds - Lodi

June 21-23 Shepherd Ranch H.T.- Close June 4th


July 5-7 Coconino AZ H.T. - Closes June 18th

July 1-13 Coconino AZ H.T (long format BN/N/T) - Close June 25th


Aug 3-4 Yarra Yarra Dressage

August 9-11th Woodside HT- Close July 23rd

Aug 31 Woodland H.T. - Close August 13th


Sep 21 Central Valley H/J

Sep 19-22 GAIG/USDF CDS Championship Show

Sep 19-22 Twin Rivers H.T. - Close Sep 3rd


Oct 3-6 Woodside H.T - Close Sep 17th

Oct 18-20 Fresno H.T. - Close Oct 1st

Nov 2nd Central Valley H/J

Oct 31-Nov 3 Galway H.T. (long format T)- Close Oct 15th


Nov 15-17 Fresno H.T. - Close Oct 29th

 AEF 02/05/19