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At Sport Equine Training Center you will find a refreshingly positive teaching approach that will encourage any rider with any horse to achieve their best in any discipline.

Sport Equine has always offered quality well trained and reasonably priced sport horses and ponies for sale. We greatly value the supportive and always positive barn atmosphere we have established and welcome dedicated individuals seeking the same.


Owner, Operator & Sales- Debbie Davis

Debbie owns and operates Sport Equine Training Center and is a founding board member of New Hope Equine  a non-profit 501(C)3 Corporation and has been actively involved in rescue work and helping unwanted horses and their owners for almost 2 decades in central CA.

Debbie has earned her USDF Bronze medal and has competed to FEI levels in both eventing and dressage. She has achieved national Eventing champion status in both amateur and overall categories   

Find out more about Debbie here


Eventing Trainer, Sales & Consignment- Amanda Fisher

Amanda grew up in New Zealand where she trained and rode horses through the NZPC system up to the 'B' certificate level.

Amanda is a horse trainer with over 20 years International experience in Japan, UK, Europe & the USA. She is a well rounded horseman with extensive  knowledge in horsecare & rehabilitation. Her skills range from starting horses, all the way through to competing & training them in both showjumping & eventing at International levels. 

Amanda has also been training riders for over a decade. She teaches them to be well rounded horseman and to reach their competition desires.       

A full bio with testimonies coming soon.                                                                                      

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Dressage Trainer- Meghan Flores
 Meghan Flores is an FEI level dressage trainer and instructor.
Meghan is a lifelong Central Valley resident. She has been and active participant in the United States Pony Club, 4-H and CSHA, both as a member and coach. 
Meghan tailors each lesson or training program to the specific needs of every horse and rider. Her focus is on creating a trusting partnership between horse and rider and believes in a quiet, subtle approach using classical training techniques.
She teaches beginners through FEI, focusing on correct basics. Many of her students have earned USDF bronze and silver medals.
She welcomes everyone, from beginners to experienced riders. 
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Riding Instructor- Katie Gray

Katie started her life long love of horses at 9 years old when her father bought her first horse. At 10 she joined the United States Pony Club where she absorbed every bit of knowledge she could about horsemanship and showmanship. 2001-2004: Began training more competitively in Jumping and Dressage with USDF(United States Dressage Federation)Associate Instructor, Janet Reed. During her time there she was provided the opportunity to show jumpers in Indio and Galway Downs and clinic with our very own multiple Olympic champion, Hilda Gurney, with whom she still keeps in contact with today. 2004-2005: Trained in dressage and worked for Licensed German Reitlehrer FN- Pferdewirtschaftsmeister, Michael Lieberg at Middle Ranch in Lake View Terrace, CA. 2011-2016: Trained for with USDF trainer and "L" judge, Jenny Cohn of Wadell, AZ. where she regularly rode in clinics with high level trainers such as USDF "S" judge, Tracey Lert, Ellie Stein-Masek and David Whiteman- our current US Olympic dressage rider, Kathleen Rain's husband. 2016-2017: Trained with Ernst and Jan Herrman at Once Upon A Horse in Eagle, ID. 2017-Present: Most recently, Katie trains with USDF "r" judge and trainer, Renee Johnson at R&R Resort in Clovis, CA. She believes in constant and consistent learning, building and expanding her knowledge in the equine industry. Katie also volunteers regularly at Fresno County Horse Park scribing and score keeping for our USDF and CDS(California Dressage Society)shows. Katie believes in a holistic approach to horse and rider training. One of her favorite quotes is, "Horses are not machines! They live and breathe just like we do. They have good days and bad days too." Katie believes that by starting her young students correctly she is able to give them the building blocks for a solid and correct foundation to carry with them throughout their riding careers. She specializes in beginner riders ages 3 years old and up. Her program centers around teaching entry level basic horsemanship, showmanship and horse safety to create well rounded horsemen and women. And above all else, she strives to remind kids and adults alike, of just how much fun horses and riding can be!!!



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