At Sport Equine Training Center you will find a refreshingly positive teaching approach that will encourage any rider with any horse to achieve their best in any discipline.

Sport Equine has always offered quality well trained and reasonably priced sport horses and ponies for sale. We greatly value the supportive and always positive barn atmosphere we have established and welcome dedicated individuals seeking the same.


Owner, Operator & Sales- Debbie Davis

Debbie owns and operates Sport Equine Incorporated and is a founding board member of New Hope Equine 501(C)3, a public benefit non profit corporation. Debbie trains all breeds and types of horses and is a strong advocate for selective responsible breeding and giving every horse a chance through appropriate training so that they don’t fall through the cracks. She is best known for her extreme transformations in turning formerly unwanted horses into winners and is passionate about the need for consistent training to bridge the gap to a better life for those that can be helped.

Debbie has earned both her USDF Bronze and Silver medals in dressage and is currently working toward her Gold. She has achieved National Eventing championship status in both amateur and overall divisions. Debbie trains and develops horses of all breeds and types in all disciplines specializing in their development, promotion and appropriate placement. She has a gift for matching horse and rider suitability and is committed to their ongoing support but does not personally provide riding lessons.

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