Sport Equine


Sport Equine's main rig is a newer F350 truck and Jamco 8 foot tall and 8 foot wide gooseneck four horse trailer. Our experienced driver Bill Chilson is Class A licenced. Under 100 miles $1.25/mile  100-300 miles $1.00 mile  over 300 miles $.75mile

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Consignment Sales

15% commission includes all marketing, posting and fees for ads, professional videography and photography services plus the countless hours communicating with clients and their trainer/agents regarding all aspects of the sale. Training is not including in the commission.


Starting at $200 - $450 (price based on services) High quality feeding to facilitate round the clock and free choice foraging needs. Choice of grass and/or alfalfa hay and fat/fiber almond supplementation. Cleaning 7 days/week with all manure removed from facility. Flygaurd system misters maintained throughout structures. Hot water multi horse bathing station. Covered cross tie areas with fans. Fans in stalls provided or allowed. Bedding included. Individual tack closets and additional community storage areas for everything. Lighted arena and round pen. Rock removed rubberized arena surfaces watered/groomed daily. Cross country and show jumping courses from intro-prelim well maintained. Hacking perimeter tracks and offsite riding access for miles with minimal road crossing. Guided trail rides available at no cost onsite or off. Freedom to bring in your own trainer/coach or use one of ours. A happy, friendly and supportive environment is maintained. All riding disciplines, and types of riders, and breeds of horses are welcome as long as they are kind to the animals and one another. Negative critical opinionated judgmental and cliquish individuals are not permitted to stay at Sport Equine where we support one another at all times.

Trailer-in/day use

$15 day use haul in fee for each horse/rider combination. $20 if using the jump courses. Overnight accommodations for non boarded horses $20/night.  Air B&B and lessons available by reservation.