nhe1New Hope Equine 501c3 non-profit Corporation is a full service rescue, training and sales operation featuring sport and pleasure horses of all breeds and types.  New Hope Equine was formed in direct response to the staggering numbers of unwanted horses and hardship cases which has never been higher. There is a great shortage of available homes and resources to accommodate the numbers. The cost of basic care for one horse averages $2,400- $4,800 annually while median horse market value has been in decline for years and is well below the annual expense. There are not enough volunteers, funding or placement opportunities to accommodate the numbers. Green, untrained and project horses have no hope unless qualified individuals invest their time and skills willingly as a labor of compassion often without compensation. Training and consignment services needed to find homes is typically not feasible or recoupable. Results are often neglect, abandonment, slaughter or donation.

More owners than ever are seeking to get out from under the financial burden of horse ownership. Donating to a 501c3 non profit allows the horse owner to instantly cut losses, stop high monthly expenditures and possibly get some tax relief. NHE is one of the few 501c3 public benefit equine operations that provides competition quality care along with a customized professional training program to maximize every horse's chance of a successful outcome. We have both the ability and commitment to helping every horse reach its potential and find it's optimal home and partner.

Like all equine rescue establishments and 501c3 horse corporations, NHE is inundated with requests to accept horses. NHE only take horses mentally and physically qualified for under saddle riding and training. Though we have compassion for all, our resources are reserved for horses that can benefit from our ability to train them and skills of matching rider needs. We offer rescue and rehab service but donot stockpile idle or retired horses. NHE is a trainingoperation where problem solving, training anddeveloping horses to all levels of proficiency is our mission and specialty. We feel our biggest contribution to the staggering unwanted horse epidemic is use this skill improving every horse that passes through our facility. Every horse we accept immediately goes into customized full professional training enabling them to showcase their aptitude and increase their chance for a productive and successful human/horse working partnership. This result coupled with careful placement provides their greatest chance of never becoming an unwanted or neglected horse.

Old Mac when he arrived
6 months later