Sport Equine  is a small family run training operation.  Reasonably priced horses of all ages, disciplines and levels of training are available at all times. Working student positions and some leases are also available.


Mission Statement

Debbie Davis owns and operated Sport Equine Incorporated and together with Bill Chilson are the founding board members of New Hope Equine a non profit 501(C)3 public benefit Corporation. These organiztions work hand in hand helping horses and their owners reach their potential through a broad range of services tailored to specific need. We believe that evey horse has a fulfilling usefulness when the appropiate care, training and placement needs are facilitated and that by doing so we can reduce the unwanted horse population and bridge the gap from failure and neglect to prosperity. We believe horses are happiest and healthiest serving a purpose in accordnace with suitabilty based on forte and opportunites provided them. At Sport Equine we provide qualified diversified trainers for every discipline/need as well as year round footing and facilities to keep horse healthy and happy. Impeccably maintained grounds with wide open spaces and a feed program that simulated horses 24/7 optimal foraging needs. Our mission is to educate people against over breeding and to focus on training and developing unwanted and overlooked horses, transforming them into desirable loved partner for worthy individiuals.


Training Philosophy


All of the horses available at Sport Equine are in full professional combined (cross) training that focuses on classical dressage as the foundation and way of life. We believe every horse regardless of breed, type or riding discipline benefits from this form of gymnastic strength training which produces a beautiful, supple and obedient partner for any task. In this diversified program horses do not become sour or bored with their work and are less likely to sufffer overuse injuries. All horses recieve the benefit of training in beautiful wide open spaces that are free of arena fencing or monotony. They aren't sheltered from distractions and things that startle them. They are carefully desensitized and exposed to stimuli to make them brave, mentally focused and non reactive. This exposure is a huge advantage for show, performance and trail horses that owners intend to take out of the arena or backyard.

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